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Balancing Modifications

These free print-at-home resources promise to balance any game when being played by children or young people so that everyone has a good chance of winning and adults can play their best.

Top 100 Lists

Looking for a game for a specific age? Why not browse our age-specific top 100 lists based on child enjoyment at different ages?

Note: these lists are in development as our database slowly grows!

Graphical Game Ratings

Our game pages each have a 2-D graph enabling you to immediately see the ages that are most likely suit any particular game.

Use the Search bar at the top of the page to look for a specific game. Or try our search page by clicking below, where we’ll have a range of search tools available when they’re ready.

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This site is just getting started in 2024 and we are excited for how big this could be, but

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As we develop more resources and look to upload as many games as possible to our database, we need more people to help!

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Contribute To Content

We are looking for parents who are passionate about playing games with children and interested in working with us to:

  • develop and test new B-mods
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